The Story

The Story

Joanna Cave is a jewellery designer whose elegant creations have managed to garner the respect of the industry and attract press attention worldwide. Her unparalleled style is informed by tradition, yet exudes an air of modernity and refined aesthetics treasured by those who value simplicity and elegance. Born in London, Joanna grew up on a remote Aegean island where her family owned a jewellery shop, housed in a traditional Cycladic building in the centre of the island. From a young age she became instinctively aware of the symbolic and decorative aspects of jewellery while realising the transformative effect it could have on the wearer. Influenced by the wild beauty and distinctive architecture in her traditional surroundings, Joanna developed a keen aesthetic sense, and her artistic flair led her to a foundation course at Central St Martin’s and a degree in Jewellery Design at Middlesex University. The concept of sustainability was awakened after finishing her studies when she began to experiment by melting old silver pieces in order to reuse them for the creation of her first collection. This recycling process increased her awareness of the ecological side of the business and has become part of the ethos embodied in her work. Today she uses recycled silver and gold as well as ethically sourced pearls. Joanna is based in London and exhibits her work in Paris.

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